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September 16, 2007
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Dwight Schrute by grieverwings Dwight Schrute by grieverwings
"I miss Jim! I miss Jim! False."


I think my family's agreed that Dwight is pretty close to being our favorite character from the Office. I love Jim, too, and Pam and Michael and pretty much everyone else, but... goodness. Dwight just makes everything perfect. Whenever there's a Harry Potter reference on the show, he's usually the one that starts it. He just makes me happy.

Perhaps it's his inane insistance that people refer to Voldy-poo as "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named", his ability to run faster than most species of snakes, his personalized bobble head, or perhaps his ridiculous hunger for authority and power when in truth he has none to speak of.

We love you, Dwight. Even though you're somewhat impolite, blunt, probably not that fun a person to be around, and annoyingly sarcastic.

Dwight: I saw “Wedding Crashers” accidentally. I bought a ticket for “Grizzly Man” and went into the wrong theater. After an hour, I figured I was in the wrong theater, but I kept waiting. Cause that’s the thing about bear attacks…they come when you least expect it.

-shakes head- Dwight's character is owned by the producer and all that for the Office. I own nothing, as per usual. YAY.
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runnergirl Jan 22, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
My all time favorite Dwight line: "If they catch us, they will rape us"
"Health care in the wild is like, "Oh, I hurt my leg" and then you get eaten by a lion and you're dead. ... Well, I'm not dead. I'm the lion. And you're dead."
"It's a surprise party for Michael? Oh, he'll love it! *later* SURPRISE!"

:D Dwight=:heart:
grieverwings Apr 18, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
"Are you trying to hurt my feelings? Because if so, you are succeeding. Fortunately, my feelings regenerate at twice the speed of a normal man's."

It's okay - I love him too.
Haha I got this notebook that has him on the front holding up the "D-W-I-G-H-T" sign. xD

Good worker
Hard worker

lol "DAMMIT JIM! He put my stuff in JELL-O again! *slams plate with a stapler in Jell-O on the desk* Ugh...It wasn't funny the FIRST TWO TIMES, It's NOT funny NOW!"

I'd love to work with someone like Dwight. xD It'd be so fun.
dRix3 Sep 20, 2007
Great stamp, thanks for making this. Dwight is awesome! I love how he always falls for the most outrageous beliefs from Jim. The vampire prank was hilarious, right up there with the time Jim dressed up as Dwight and the time Jim treated Dwight like a lab rat with the mint... PRICELESS!
grieverwings Sep 22, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Aw, thank you! ^^ I noticed that there were no stamps of him, as far as I noticed, so I figured we needed one. XD -pats Dwight- He's terrible, but terrible enough to be funny.
Dwight is the greatest character to ever hit primetime. Thanks for making this stamp. :)
grieverwings Sep 18, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
XD Thank you! Dwight is pretty awesome - he pwns the Office like crazy.
My favorite Dwight moments are the times when Jim gets him to believe absurdities, particularly where Jim faxes Dwight messages from "Future Dwight."
grieverwings Sep 18, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
-nods- I personally liked the episode where Jim makes Dwight think he's a vampire. XD I have to admit, the one with the 'gay-dar' at the end was pretty funny, too. Dwight's pretty smart (well, somewhat anyway) and yet he constantly falls for Jim's tricks.

XD I like the trick Jim played on... oh, on that one guy, where he put his cell phone in the ceiling and it drove him nuts 'cuz they kept calling it. XD It had me in stitches.
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